A downloadable game for Windows

UPDATE: A whole new demo for a whole new year!  This one is very short, but shows off new graphics, features, etc.

Since this demo doesn't have a tutorial (did it in a month, I only have so much time) here's a quick rundown of the controls:

Shift (+ a direction)Dodge
Left mouseAttack
Right mouseTap to perform a bash attack. Hold to throw your weapon. When an enemy is stunned, move near them. Then, when they flash orange, press this button to execute a killmove and regain health.
EInteract / Pick up weapon

Bullets & Bubblegum is a pulp-comic shooter focused on fast-paced, improvisational combat.  Pick up whatever you can find, beat people to death with it, then finish them off with a brutal killmove!

This demo is a short slice of gameplay intended to show off the general style and combat mechanics of the game.  Let me know about bugs, game design choices, and stuff you'd like to see at discord.gg/KzzDVrR


BubblegumHalloweenDemo.zip 158 MB


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stylish as heck!